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The Global Youth Marketing Forum, the largest rendezvous of Youth Experts, Marketing Professionals, Cool Hunters & Brand Specialists who will offer insights on,

» What keeps youth craving for the Brand ?
» What Youth like ?
» What Youth want ?

How to capture the Youths attention in an increasingly intriguing and “Multi -Tasking” youth segment of today ?

The Global Youth Marketing Forum is a platform for several youth obsessed brands coming from across the globe.
Fashion, Music, Technology, Sports Lifestyle brands will be present at this event – so be there if you want to get into the heads of today’s increasingly and hyperactive complex youth and beat the competition in having your brand resonate with today’s youth culture and psyche.
  1. ROI - Techniques & tools to measure and know if the media initiatives are working to offer the Maximum ROI

  2. METRICS - Strategies to know if you’re reaching out to the youths you want the right way & Metrics to know if you’ve done it right

  3. INTERNET - Internet in your marketing mix for youth addiction.

  4. STRATEGY - Crafting a marketing strategy to really get youths addicted to the brand for long time. CATCH Attention.
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